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Costa Rica, Ostional, Guanacaste
460 m2. on going. 

Architect:  Josh Chaves
Structural Engineering:  Atelier Estructural
Electromechanical engineering: Dynamo
Builder:  Pacific Builder


This private residence is located in a beautiful Ostional hill with 200 degree of a ocean view. The main objetive of the project was to maximaze the outdoor covered space on the main social areas and keep the privacy on the second floor.

The design was centered on opening the social and masterbedroom side by cleaning the corner of possible columns or any element that might interrupt the views

Overhangs are doing their work by covering the sorroundings and giving the best shade possible with a middle opening for pool and outdoor terrace. All this shaped on  2 horizontal strong lines for the facade.

Casa Ostional
Casa Ostional
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